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With so many condom brands and styles to choose from, purchasing condoms can be a big decision.  Knowing what condom works best for you usually means reading condom reviews or buying several different types and simply trying each one.

With the many different condom brands and styles to choose from you may be asking yourself:

  • Who makes the best condom?
  • What are others saying about the different condom brands and styles?
  • What is the safest condom to use?
  • Which condoms feel more natural?
  • Are thin condoms more likely to break?
  • Should I use lubricated or non-lubricated?

There really is no right or wrong answer and every person is different.  Start by reading the condom reviews written by our customers.  Does a certain brand have good reviews? Try it and if you agree, you just found the best condom and style for you.

Have a Condom Brand you like?

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by Randy on One Condom Reviews
One Glowing Condom

These are just plan FUN! I wish I could thing of the movie from long ago where they had to have used these!

by Terry Lynn on Lifestyles Condom Reviews
Life Styles Snugger fit

These are great! They fit tight to feel more natural and stay on better even after I have... well you know. :)

by Donald T on Kimono Condom Reviews
Kimono Condoms

These did what they are suppose to do. They are pretty thin so they won't help you last if that's what you're looking for.

Okamoto Beyond Seven

One of the best condoms I've ever tried. These condoms are mostly clear and thinner than most. They are like Crown condoms but a bit different in size. They have no taste you know when I'm... but really are sensitive enough for my husband. Unless you measure up these may be a bit loose for the below average man. If so try the Crown Condoms, they will fit tighter and more snugger for you. These are lubricated just right.

The sensitivity of Beyond Seven Condoms is much better than the Crown brand. I see other reviews that say they like Crown condoms better so try each and decide for yourself.

by Way Satisfied! on G-spot Vibrator Review
There is a G-spot

You can buy a really high tech g-spot vibrator that will keep beat with your iPod but let me tell you the basic one I bought ROCKED my world!

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