Climax Control Condoms

Are you looking to extend your experience in the bedroom? Climax Control Condoms are here to help! These delay condoms will give you and your partner a longer-lasting, more fulfilling sex.

Also known as prolong condoms, these specially formulated condoms allow you to take control and prolong the moments between you and your partner.

I’ve used the Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms and they really work as intended. For me they work just as well as a delay spray so my partner and I can climax together. One personal observation through my experience is that I would not suggest using them all the time. Mix it up with another one of your favorite condom styles so you don’t become too dependent on the delay effect.

You can trust you’re getting the protection you need while making those intimate moments last. If you’re looking to last longer, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!

3 Popular Types of Climax Control Condoms

Climax controlling condoms do precisely that, prolong climax so you and your partner can enjoy those moments for longer. Here are some of the most popular brands to choose from.

Durex Performax Intense Natural Latex Condoms

Durex Performax Intense Natural Latex Condoms

Durex Performax Intense condoms will boost your pleasure with their ribbed, dotted, and lubricated surface, enhancing sensation.

The special delay lubricant ups the game by prolonging sexual performance to extend lovemaking between you and your partner.

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Durex Prolong Natural Latex Condoms

Durex Prolong Natural Latex Condoms

Durex Prolong condoms offer superior safety and pleasure with their advanced features. Plus, the inside contains heat-activated climax controlling lubricant, while the outside has silky smooth lubricant.

Durex Prolong include a delay lubricant to add male genital desensitization, allowing him more control to extend intimacy between partners. Additionally, the added ribbed and dotted texture elevates the sexual sensations during intimacy.

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Trojan Extended Pleasure Lubricated Climax Control Condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure Lubricated Condoms

Are you looking to enhance your sexual experience? Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms offer the perfect solution!

This condom includes an odorless Climax Control Lubricant that helps prevent premature ejaculation providing greater staying power to prolong intimacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Climax Controlling Condoms?

Climax control, also known as delay condoms, give you more control over when you have an orgasm. These condoms typically contain a numbing lubricant containing benzocaine to help prevent premature ejaculation and provide greater staying power.

How do Climax Controlling Condoms work?

This type of condom contains a special lubricant formulated with a numbing substance, typically benzocaine. This substance is a male genital desensitizer that delays climax for heightened pleasure to improve your sex life.

Are Climax Control Condoms Safe?

Yes, they are typically made of high-quality natural rubber latex. The same safety standards as regular condoms in protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

Where can I buy Climax Control Condoms?

You can buy climax controlling condoms at most drug stores or online retailers. Popular brands include Trojan Extended Pleasure Climax Control Condoms with its Climax Control Lubricant and Durex Prolong Natural Latex Condoms with Heat Activated Climax Control Lubricant.

Are there any side effects with using Climax Controlling Condom?

Typically, there are no side effects associated with using condoms with a delay lube. Although everyone is different, and some may experience mild skin irritation or sensitivity due to the numbing agent in the lubricant.