What are Lambskin Condoms

Condoms made of Lambskin are a natural type of male birth control contraception. These condoms are made from a lamb intestinal membrane. Compared to latex, others say that lambskin has a more natural feel than latex or polyurethane condoms. This makes them more sensitive and the closest thing to not wearing a condom. Also, the lambskin material will transmit body heat better than latex condoms.

Remember that while lambskin condoms prevent pregnancy, they DO NOT protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  Lambskin natural membrane condoms material is all-natural, FDA-approved, and will help prevent pregnancy. These work just as well as other non-natural condoms when used as directed.  While lambskin is a natural product will tiny pores, these pores are too small to allow sperm to pass through.

Where Can I Buy Lambskin Condoms?

Lambskin condoms are made by Trojan brand and are sold as Trojan “NaturalLamb”. This is a niche product and not sold as widely as other condom products. The best option for buying lambskin condoms would be from an online condom store or major ecommerce retailer like Amazon.

Trojan Natural Lamb - Lambskin condoms

Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms

Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms are the closest you can get to wearing nothing at all! These revolutionary condoms are made from lambskin, and they provide a natural experience you won’t find anywhere else. This is because lambskin is thinner and more porous, allowing for greater body heat transfer and a skin-to-skin feel unmatched by traditional latex condom products.

Also, Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms are also incredibly safe and reliable. Despite the thinness of the material, they still work to provide superior protection against unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, since lambskin is a natural porous material, they DO NOT protect against STIs/STDs.

Plus, since lambskin is a natural material, these condoms are free of harsh chemicals or other potentially irritating agents that can sometimes be found in latex products. This makes them a good choice for those who suffer from latex allergy.

So, if you’re looking for a condom that offers uncompromising protection without compromising pleasure, try Trojan’s “NaturalLamb” Condoms, you won’t be disappointed!

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What Makes Lambskin Material Different

Typically, you pay a bit more for NaturalLamb condoms over traditional latex condoms. If you’re looking to use lambskin condoms, they are the best choice if you want a more natural feeling during sex because they are very thin, almost like you’re not wearing one at all. Also, if you or your partner are allergic to latex, then these are a perfect solution as long as you’re not concerned about transmitting STDs.

You can also use petroleum/oil-based lubricants as these are all-natural and won’t break down like condoms made with synthetic products like latex.

Unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms are not flexible.  You need to find one that fits you best and follow usage instructions for them to be effective.  Brands like Trojan have a tightening band to prevent the condom from falling off.

Be aware that some brands may use terms that make you think they are of natural lambskin, but many are not.  Check the label.  As of this writing, the only genuine lambskin brands are made by the Trojan Brand.

Just like other condom materials most commonly latex, lambskin can also tear and break. Check out our article on How Do Condoms Break for signs to watch for and possible causes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are lambskin condoms made of?

Lambskin, also known as natural skin condoms, are made from the intestinal membrane of lambs. They do not contain latex, which is a common allergen.

Are lambskin condoms effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs?

No, they are only effective at preventing pregnancy, but they are not as effective as latex or polyurethane condoms at preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because they have larger pores that can allow some viruses and bacteria to pass through.

How do lambskin condoms compare to latex and polyurethane condoms in terms of sensation?

Many people prefer lamb skin over latex or polyurethane condoms because they are thinner and have a more natural feel. However, some people may not like the smell or texture. It’s a matter of personal preference.