What are Lambskin Condoms

Lambskin condoms are a natural type of male contraception. These condoms are made from a lambs intestinal membrane. As compared to latex, others say that a lambskin condom has a more natural feel than latex or polyurethane condoms. This makes them more sensitive and the closest thing to not wearing a condom at all. Lambskin condoms transfer heat better that latex condoms.

Remember that while lambskin condoms will prevent pregnancy then do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  Lambskin condoms are an all natural FDA-approved condoms that will help prevent pregnancy. These condoms work just as well as other non-natural condoms when used as directed.  While lambskin condoms are a natural product and will have tiny pores but these are too small to allow sperm to pass through.

What makes Lambskin Condoms Different

Typically you pay a bit more for natural condoms over latex. They are the best choice for those that want a more natural feeling during sex due to them being very thin almost like you’re not wearing one at all.  If you or your partner are allergic to latex then these are a perfect solution as long as you’re not concerned about transmitting and STDs. You can also used petroleum/oil-based lubricant as these are all natural and won’t break down like condoms made with synthetic products.

Unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms are not a flexible.  You need to find one that fits you best and be sure to follow usage instruction for them to be effective.  Brands like Trojan have a tightening band to secure the condom form falling off.

Be aware that some brands may use terms that make you think they are of natural lambskin but many are not.  Check the label.  As of this writing the only brand that are genuine lambskin are made by the Trojan Brand.

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Lambskin Condoms
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 1 reviews
 by Dave P
A different feeling that works for me

These are not for everyone but I have used them for years and if it works it works. As a pregnancy protection choice, these are worth trying.