Non-Latex Condoms

Like many other condom users, I use non-latex condoms as an alternate option because my partner suffers from a latex allergy.

One benefit is that polyisoprene, nitrile, or polyurethane condoms are thinner than latex, providing better sensations and heat transfer without giving up their effectiveness. So even if you or your partner don’t have latex allergies, maybe consider non-latex because they feel good!

Regardless of your reason, many condom users find latex free condoms a great choice for safe and pleasurable sex!

Popular Styles of Non-Latex Condoms

The variety of condoms made from Non-latex materials are available from several different manufacturers. Below are just a few of the many popular non-latex condom brands.

Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex Condoms

Durex Real Feel

This Durex condom is made from a new latex free material with a remarkably thin yet durable sensation. In addition, this advanced material provides a realistic feeling during use, just like wearing nothing at all.

Whether you or your partner experiences latex allergies or sensitivities, trust the Durex name and feel confident knowing that Durex Non-Latex varieties are safe and durable.

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LifeStyles SKYN Condoms

LifeStyles Skyn

LifeStyles SKYN Condoms are a Non-latex option for anyone with a sensitivity to latex. With their incredible natural feeling and ultra-thin design, you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing one!

This style of condom provides the same level of protection as a traditional latex condom but with none of the irritation or discomfort. Also, SKYN Condoms are easy to put on and secure enough to stay in place. The included lubricant helps reduce friction and enhances sensation for you and your partner.

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Trojan Raw Condom

Trojan Raw

For the ultimate in protection and pleasure, try Trojan RAW Non-Latex Condoms! These popular latex free condoms are made from innovative ultra-thin material to provide the perfect all-in-one solution for complete satisfaction.

Also, this condom is hypoallergenic and completely free of rubber odors, making them ideal for all users with latex allergies or sensitivities.

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Trojan SUPRA Non-Latex Condoms

Trojan SUPRA

Trojan SUPRA Non-Latex Condoms provide a revolutionary, worry-free alternative to latex condoms. These synthetic polyisoprene condoms are designed for comfort and satisfaction.

Its unique, anatomically shaped design provides maximum comfort and optimal fit. At the same time, the sheer thinness of the synthetic material provides an extra layer of protection over traditional rubber latex materials while still allowing body heat transfer and sensation to come through.

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Trojan Natural Lamb - Lambskin condoms


Trojan NATURALAMB condoms are made from natural lamb skin and do not contain latex or synthetic materials. As a result, they offer a unique feel that many people find more natural and pleasurable. Plus, being a natural product, they are better at body heat transfer for a more natural feeling.

It’s important to know that while they are designed to prevent pregnancy, they do not protect against STIs as the natural lamb skin material is porous. So, always follow the manufacturers use instructions.

They are popular non latex condom choice with those looking for a natural latex free alternative.

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Final Thoughts

Always buy latex free condoms from trusted brands, and remember that all condoms, regardless of material, should be checked for expiration date and any signs of damage before use.

As with any latex condom, the latex free variety also provides an effective barrier against pregnancy and STDs. Although, be sure to see your doctor if you experience any serious allergic reactions after using any condom.

Remember, no matter what kind of condom you choose. It’s important to practice safe sex. Condoms are the only method of contraception to protect against the spread of HIV and other STDs.  So, if you have an active sex life, make sure you always have some handy!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are non-latex condoms made of?

These condoms are usually made of polyisoprene, polyurethane, or nitrile. These materials are a safe choice for condom users with latex allergies.

Are non-latex condoms as effective as latex condoms?

When used as directed, the non-latex style of condoms is as effective as latex in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Can non-latex condoms be used with any type of lubricant?

Yes, these condoms work with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants. But always check with the manufacturer to know which types of lube are safe to use.

Are non-latex condoms more costly than latex free condoms?

Although non-latex varieties can be a bit pricier, the difference in cost is usually insignificant. Cost is mainly based on the brand and store.

Can a non-latex condom be used underwater?

Yes, non-latex condoms can be used underwater and are preferred because latex condoms are more prone to slipping off in the water. Synthetic materials maintain their texture and grip even when wet making them a good option for partners that have sex in the shower, pool, etc.