LA Confidential Condoms

As a savvy and responsible adult, you know the importance of practicing safe sex. That’s where LA Confidential comes in.

These are a premium quality latex condom from the makers of Caution Wear, a reliable brand that you can trust. And not only do they provide protection, but they’re also a discreet and stylish choice. All styles are transparent in color, include lubricant and a reservoir tip for added safety.

With their sleek packaging and variety of sizes and flavors, the LA Confidential brand is a great choice whether you’re looking for a night of passion or just want to be prepared.

Popular Types of LA Confidential Condoms

This innovative brand from Caution Wear offers a high-quality, ultra-thin condom that are reliable and comfortable, with various sizes and styles to choose from.

LA Confidential Condoms - Dark Desire

Dark Desire Condoms

Looking for a latex condom that offer extra pleasure? Look no further than LA Confidential Dark Desire condoms.

The ultra-smooth, silicon-based lubricant and contoured head will enhance sensation and create an unforgettable experience for both partners. Plus, the transparent latex and N-9-free formula are safer for you both.

Trust us in that all these condoms are 100% electronically tested to guarantee your safety. Don’t settle for anything less.

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LA Confidential Love Triangle Condoms

Love Triangle Condoms

Introducing LA Confidential Love Triangle condoms – the perfect accessory for an enjoyable time with your partner.

This is a specially designed latex condom that features ribbing and studs alongside contoured shaping. The ultra-smooth silicon-based lubricant guarantees the utmost comfort for both partners.

These condoms are 100% electronically tested and free of N-9. Plus. Being clear latex with a handy reservoir tip, you can elevate your experience without worry.

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LA Confidential Condoms - Secret Passion

Secret Passion Condoms

Discover new heights of pleasure with LA Confidential Secret Passion Condoms. This studded latex condom will maximize pleasure, and feature ultra-smooth silicon-based lubricant, making them ideal for both partners.

These condoms are N-9 free and made with clear latex. Plus, they have a reservoir tip and are 100% electronically tested for safety.

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LA Confidential Silky Touch Condoms

Silky Touch Condoms

Discover LA Confidential Silky Touch Condoms, expertly crafted for a silky-smooth glide.

These extra-lubricated condoms are N-9 free and made of clear latex with a reservoir tip. Each one is 100% electronically tested for ultimate safety.

Try their Silky Touch style and elevate the quality of your intimacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who Makes LA Confidential Condoms?

These Condoms are made by Caution Wear, a company specializing in quality products. Their LA Confidential brand comes in four unique styles – Dark Desire Contoured, Secret Passion Studded, Silky Touch Extra Lubricated, and Love Triangle Ribbed & Studded.

Are LA Confidential Condoms lubricated?

Yes, All varieties are lubricated with an ultra-smooth silicon-based lubricant for added comfort and pleasure. Plus, they include a reservoir tip for added safety.