What are Flavored Condoms?

Flavored condoms are a condom type designed specifically for use during oral sex. They are made from the same materials as regular condoms, such as latex or polyurethane. The flavors are achieved by applying a flavored lubricant.

The lubricant comes in different flavors. You’ll find a wide selection such as strawberry, banana, chocolate, and my partners favorite mint condoms.

Will Flavored Condoms Protect me from STIs?

As flavored condoms are generally made of latex, they provide the same level of protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as non-flavored condom types. However, it’s important to know that not all condoms sold as flavored are designed for protection against STIs.

When selecting any condom to provide protection, it’s important to look for those that are FDA-approved and labeled for protection against both pregnancy and STDs. Be certain to confirm that it’s not a flavored novelty condom made for oral only or some other purpose.

It’s also important to use condoms correctly and consistently every time. If you follow the manufacturers guidelines, condom flavors are perfectly safe and will be a fun and tasty addition to your sex life.

Benefits of Using Flavored Condoms

Condoms with flavored lube can enhance the sexual experience in several ways. Firstly, they can make oral sex more enjoyable for both partners. The flavored lubricant can mask the taste and smell of latex or any other unpleasant odor that might be present, making the experience more pleasurable. Secondly, the condom flavors can also add an element of fun and excitement for sexually active adults.

Also, these Condoms come in a variety of flavors, allowing you and your partner to explore different tastes and smells, which can add something new to your sex life.

Flavored Condom Types

There are several types of condom flavors available in the market. Some popular brands include:

Durex Flavored Condoms

Durex Flavored Condoms

Durex Flavors are a type of condom featuring flavors like cherry, strawberry, and banana to provide extra pleasure during intercourse. These condoms come with the same high level of protection as all Durex condoms. Plus, they provide peace of mind while adding fun to intimacy. The range also includes ribbed and dotted variations, allowing for more sensation between you and your partner. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of extra excitement without compromising on safety or quality.

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LifeStyles Flavored Condoms

Lifestyles Flavored Condoms

Lifestyles Flavors provide an enhanced sense of pleasure with their added flavors while maintaining a high level of protection against sexually transmitted diseases and to prevent pregnancy. Their flavors include strawberry, banana, mint, with their chocolate condoms a popular choice. Each condom is made from premium quality latex that stretches and conforms to the body for maximum comfort. They are also lubricated on both sides for extra ease during use.

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Trustex Flavored Condoms

Trustex Flavored Condoms

Trustex Flavors come in a variety of fruity flavors, like strawberry, banana, cola, and mint condoms. The condom flavors are applied as a lubricant to the outside of the condom to provide a pleasant scent and taste sensation. Trustex condoms are made with premium quality latex that is reliable and offers optimal protection. In addition to their flavoring, some varieties also feature a ribbed texture for added stimulation. These unique features make Trustex flavored condoms ideal if you’re looking for more exciting sexual experiences without sacrificing safety.

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Choosing Flavored Condoms

Flavored Style Condoms come in different sizes, textures, and flavors, so choosing one that suits your needs and preferences is important. For example, some condoms have a ribbed or dotted texture, which can enhance stimulation during sex. Others are made from non-latex materials, such as polyisoprene or polyurethane, which are suitable for people who suffer from latex allergy.

While the condom flavors available from several brands might be the same there could be differences in similar flavors. For example, the chocolate condoms from one brand may have a slightly different taste from another.

Although, based on user feedback, mint condoms and chocolate condoms seem to be the most popular with Trustex cola flavored condoms also a popular flavor.

Final Thoughts

Condoms with flavored lube are a fun and exciting way to enhance the sexual experience. They are safe to use and add fun and excitement while making oral sex more enjoyable. In addition, they come in different flavors, textures, and sizes, allowing couples to explore different tastes and smells. Lastly, regarding sexual health, flavored condoms are not just for oral sex. They are also be used for penetrative sex provided they are FDA approved and rated to provide Pregnancy and STI protection.

If you already have a condom you like and want to try some personal lubes see our article “Personal Lubricant Types – How Do You Choose?

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Do Condoms Taste Bad?

One of the main reasons why latex condoms taste bad is because they are made from latex. Latex has a distinct taste and smell that your taste buds find unappealing. However, the flavored lube on these condoms can help to mask this taste and make oral sex more enjoyable for both partners.

Are Flavored Condoms Safe to Use?

Yes, flavored style condoms are safe to use. They are made from the same materials as regular condoms, such as latex or polyurethane, and are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality control standards. However, using them correctly for vaginal sex is important to prevent vaginal irritation and ensure their effectiveness in preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies.

Is a Flavored Condom just for Oral Sex?

Flavored style condoms are used for several reasons. Firstly, they can make oral sex more enjoyable for both partners by adding a unique taste and smell. Secondly, they can help to overcome any unpleasant taste or smell associated with latex or other factors. Finally, a flavored style condom can also be used for vaginal sex provided it is recommended as safe by the manufactured and the FDA.