Condom Variety Packs

Consider trying Condom Variety Packs as a great way to try different condom brands, types, sizes, and textures of condoms to help you find one that fits you best. Also, they offer a great way to save money when you’re looking to try several brands and styles.

Popular Branded Condom Variety Packs

Condom sampler packs often come with multiple condom styles from the same brand.

Durex Condoms Variety Pack

Durex Brand

Sample the Durex Condom Sampler Pack with an assortment of 36 condoms. This pack includes Durex Performax, Tropical Flavors, Durex Air, and more. When you buy a condom variety pack it saves you from having to buy a separate pack of each style you want to try. For example, you get two of each variety with the Durex sampler pack.

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LifeStyles Condom Variety Packs

LifeStyles Brand

Try a variety of Lifestyles brands with their condom sampler pack. This variety pack features a premium selection of styles such as Lifestyles Lubricated, Colors, Flavors, and more. Try them all without having to buy an entire box of each type. So see what you’re missing and try a LifeStyles Condom Sampler Pack today.

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Trojan Condom Variety Pack

Trojan Brand

Discover your perfect condom with Trojan’s Sample Variety Pack. Try a range of trusted Trojan brand condoms without committing to a whole pack. This assortment includes popular choices such as Her Pleasure, Extended Pleasure Lubricated, Ultra Ribbed, Thin, ENZ, and more. Don’t settle for just one – explore the variety and find your favorite today.

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Popular Styles in Condom Variety Packs

Condom packs can also be a mix of brands of various styles. This type of variety pack is available in several styles from many popular condom brands.

Flavored Condom Variety Pack

Flavored Condoms

With this variety pack of flavors, you will find an assortment of multiple brands to try without committing to just one. This pack may include a mixed variety like Glyde, Trustex, Durex and more. Find your favorite flavor.

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Sampler Packs - Large Condoms

Large Condoms

Try a variety of larger condom brands and styles with this assortment pack. Find the perfect fit without buying a 12-pack of each. This Large Condom Variety Pack may include samples of popular brands such as Trojan Magnum, Trojan Magnum XL, LifeStyles Large, Caution Wear Grande, and Atlas Extra Large. You’re sure to find one you like.

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Small Condom Variety Packs

Smaller Condoms

Find the perfect comfort and fit with this Smaller Condom Variety Pack! Try a wide range of top brands and styles to find the perfect one. Choose from popular condoms such as LifeStyles Snugger Fit, Paradise Slim Fit, and Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit. It’s a variety of brands and styles, all within one convenient sampler pack.

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Textured Condom Sampler Pack

Textured Condoms

With this Textured Condom Sampler Pack, you get a selection of ribbed, studded, and textured condoms to try. So why use the same style over and over again? With a variety pack, you can mix it up with multiple brands and styles for a different sensation each time. Find the textures that best stimulate you and your partner.

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Thin Condom Variety Packs

Thinner Condoms

Discover the perfect, ultra-sensitive condom without the guesswork. This Thin Condom Variety Pack provides a wide range of brands and styles, including Lifestyles, Crown, Caution Wear, Trojan, and Durex. Experience maximum comfort and heightened pleasure with ease.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of which Variety Pack you choose, buying condoms this way saves you money over buying different boxes of various brands and styles.

Whether for yourself or your partner, a condom variety pack is a great way to save money and have fun exploring all the options available!

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Frequently Asked Question


What is a condom variety sampler pack?

A condom variety sampler pack is a package containing several different types of condoms. The pack may include non-latex and latex condoms of different sizes, shapes, textures, and materials, allowing users to try out various options to find the one that works best for them.

How many condoms come in a variety sampler pack?

The number of condoms in a variety sampler pack can vary depending on the brand and package. Some packs may contain as few as three latex condoms, while others may contain up to 24 or more condoms.

Are condom variety sampler packs safe to use?

Yes, condom variety sampler packs are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions and use them correctly. Make sure to check the expiration date of each condom before using it, and never use a condom that is expired or damaged.

Where can I buy a condom variety sampler pack?

You can buy a condom variety sampler pack at most drugstores, as well as online retailers. Some popular brands that offer sampler packs include Trojan, Durex, and Atlas.