5 Caution Wear Condoms – Home of the Iron Grip

Caution Wear Condoms are the perfect choice for superior protection. These FDA-approved condoms are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to meet domestic and international standards.

Choose from a variety of styles, including classic smooth, textured, and large sizes. Also, Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms are a popular style providing a snugger fit that some users prefer.

Most condom styles by Caution Wear have a special reservoir tip. Aside from obvious reasons, a reservoir tip makes for easy removal that helps reduce the risk of breakage. Also, they offer styles that feature lubricants on the outside for extra sensitivity and pleasure.

Overall, the Caution Wear brand offers excellent protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs without compromising on the sensation or comfort levels during sex. Therefore, being prepared with condoms is something everyone should do. Also, you never know when the mood or opportunity might arise!

Popular Condom Types from Caution Wear

Wild Rose Caution Wear Condoms

Wild Rose Condoms

Contrary to what you may have heard, these condoms DO NOT feature a gentle rose scent but are similar in odor to the other condom styles they offer. The lubrication is silicone based, which helps ensure they stay in place. In addition, they are made from premium quality latex to provide durability, flexibility, and an overall great feeling. Plus, with their easy-on shape, you can quickly apply them without fuss or hassle.

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Classic Condoms by Caution Wear

Caution Wear Classic

This classic condom is made from premium quality latex that provides superior protection. The lubricated surface of each condom gives exceptional pleasure to both partners during sex. With their patented “Sure-Fit” shape design, Caution Wear Classic Condoms provide an optimal fit that will stay on securely even during the most vigorous use. These condoms are also tested to meet or exceed international health standards, so you can rest assured that they are incredibly durable.

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Black Ice Condoms by Caution Wear

Black Ice Condoms

These condoms are ultra-thin with a smooth lubricant that provides an exceptionally comfortable feeling. In addition, with their high-quality construction, these condoms offer maximum protection. These latex condoms are tested to meet the highest safety standards set by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

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Caution Wear Grande Condoms

Grande Condoms

They boast a Large Fit design, providing maximum protection against pregnancy and STDs. The lubrication used on these condoms is specially formulated for greater sensitivity and comfort for you and your partner. In addition, their durable latex material and large size are perfect for those needing a bit more room!

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Caution Wear Condoms - Iron Grip

Iron Grip Condoms

Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms are the premier choice for those who want a secure and comfortable fit. They are made of premium latex and feature an innovative design that utilizes a unique “iron grip” base for enhanced security. The results are condoms that stay in place, no matter how passionate things get.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Caution Wear condoms made of?

Caution Wear makes condom from premium quality latex, which is a type of natural rubber. They are also triple-tested to ensure their strength and reliability.

Are Caution Wear condoms safe to use?

Yes, Caution Wear manufactures their condoms to meet or exceed all global standards for safety and effectiveness. Additionally, they are FDA-approved and CE-certified, which means they meet the requirements of regulatory agencies in the United States and Europe.

What makes the Caution Wear brand different from other condom brands?

Caution Wear Corp is known for their unique condom designs and features that enhance pleasure. Some of their popular products include the Grande, which is larger than standard condoms for a more comfortable fit, and the Iron Grip condom, which has a special shape that keeps it securely in place. They also offer a variety of flavored and textured condoms.