Fantasy Condoms – Try Them All!

Fantasy Condoms are a great way to add a little fun and excitement to intimacy between you and your partner.

The Fantasy brand is a Global Protection Corp. product, the same company that makes the Trustex brand. You’ll find they make a variety of condom such as Colored, Flavored, and Lubricated.

Therefore, for those customers looking for an oral sex condom, Fantasy offers Flavored Condoms that are very similar to the Trustex flavor condom products yet at a slightly more affordable price. You’ll also find an assortment of Colors just to mix things up with your partner.

Additionally, they offer a quality lubricated condom product sporting a standard shape and fit for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Many customer reviews give these condoms a rating of 5 stars for their quality and affordability! So, consider becoming one of these customers by giving Fantasy Brand a try!

Popular Types of Fantasy Condoms

The Fantasy Brand offers a basic selection to choose from. If you use colors, flavors, or a lubricated condom, consider trying one of these fantasy varieties.

Fantasy Condoms Assorted Colors

Fantasy Assorted Colors

This Assorted Colors variety features a wide range of vibrant colors, such as purple, green, orange, red, blue, and yellow.

Also, this dependable lubricated condom includes a Reservoir Top adding extra safety measures. Enjoy safe and fun sex with this new addition to the Trustex line of colorful lubricated condoms.

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Fantasy Condoms Assorted Flavors

Fantasy Assorted Flavors

These Flavored Condoms are thin, standard-sized, FDA-approved condoms that come in an assortment of six delicious flavors- Mint, Banana, Chocolate, Grape, Vanilla, and Strawberry, where flavoring can enhance the pleasure of oral sex.

Try Fantasy Flavors for your protection and oral fun!

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Fantasy Lubricated Condoms

Fantasy Lubricated Condoms

These Lubricated Condoms are an affordable choice for anyone. As an FDA-approved product by the manufacturers of Trustex, this lubricated condom makes an excellent choice for Hospitals, Women’s Centers, Health Care Centers, and Universities.

With an average width and length, these economically friendly condoms are a common fit. Plus, they come lubricated with a water-based lubricant for comfort. So, why not try them today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Fantasy Brand Condoms?

A premium natural latex condom manufactured by Global Protection Corp, the same company that makes Trustex Condoms. Rated 5 Stars by many users, they come in a variety of flavors, such as Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Grape, Chocolate, and Banana.

Are Fantasy Brand Condoms FDA-approved?

Yes, all are lightly lubricated for extra comfort and pleasure. Also, some are flavored or come with a standard water-based lube.

How many flavors of Fantasy Brand Condoms are there?

These natural latex condoms come in six refreshing flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Grape, Chocolate, and Banana.