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What are Kimono Condoms?

Have you been looking for the thinnest condom with the most sensitivity during sex.  Then look no further.  Kimono Condoms are the definition of what a thin condom is.  They manufacture the thinnest condoms that will provide the most sensitivity during sex. These ultra thin condoms still meet all the standards for reliability and strength. Their unique state of the art process allows them to manufactures a remarkably strong yet thin condom.  When using Kimono Condoms during sex you will think you are wearing nothing at all.  The sensation is so smooth that it feels unlike any other condom you have worn.  Give them a try. Once you have tried Kimono Condoms you will have a hard time using any other brand.

Kimono Condoms are one of Americas premium latex condom brands.  All Kimono and MAXX condoms are in-stock for immediate shipment! These high-quality condoms from Kimono will keep you protected!

Kimono Condoms Top Picks


Kimono MicroThin Thin Condoms - 100-Pack


Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots Condoms - 36-Pack


Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms - 100-Pack

Kimono Condoms are available in the following types:

MicroThin: Through advanced latex engineering these form-fitting Microthin condoms are tough and 20% thinner than other ultrathin brands.

MicroThin Plus: For that silky smooth natural and intense sensation. All Microthin Plus with Aqua Lube Condoms are 20% thinner than other ultrathin brands.

Large MicroThin: For men who need a larger condom without the sacrifice of sensation or comfort.  45% thinner than other large condoms, Microthin Large provides maximum sheerness, strength and reliability.

Thin: A classic latex condom featuring: form-fitting, reservoir tip, extra sensitive, silky smooth feel, strong, reliable and 20% thinner than most condoms. (Formerly known as “Select”)

MAXX: These condoms are 15% longer, 15% wider, and provide 25% more ‘head room’ than average condoms with and easy to put on contoured shape.  Silky, premium latex 20% thinner than the average.

Considered the world’s thinnest condom and for more than 30 years.  You expect that from a Japanese condom while having the strength and durability to provide total protection.

These condoms size a bit smaller than their counterparts yet hold firm and secure! Even with the thinnest option available you still know you’re wearing one but the enhanced sensation is bar none!

Now that you know the differences, find the one that’s right for you!

See our wide selection of Kimono Condoms at a discount price.  Read our unbiased customer product reviews or write your own review for any of our brand name products.

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by Donald T on Kimono Condom Reviews
Kimono Condoms

These did what they are suppose to do. They are pretty thin so they won't help you last if that's what you're looking for.

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