Textured Condoms – Ribbed for Pleasure

Textured studded and ribbed condoms are designed to improve your sex life along with preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The raised ridges and bumps provide extra stimulation for both partners, providing you and your partner with intense pleasure sensations not normally felt with traditional condoms.

Textured ribbed condoms can be used with lubricants, making them an ideal choice for anyone that wants to experiment with different types of sensations. Just be sure the lubricant is safe to use with the condom of your choice.

They also provide extra protection against STIs, as the ridges create friction that disrupts pathogens’ ability to adhere to the condom surface.

Popular Styles of Textured Condoms

Textured studded and ribbed condoms come in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, textures, and colors so that condom users can find the perfect style for their needs.

For enhanced pleasure during sex, consider trying one of these best sellers in textured condoms!

Atlas Studded Condoms

Atlas Studded

Atlas Studded condoms have a unique raised stud pattern that excites and intensifies sensations. In addition, the silicone-based lubricant ensures a smooth experience while reducing friction.

Made of natural rubber latex and featuring a straight-wall design and reservoir tip for added security, Atlas Studded condoms prioritize both comfort and protection.

Atlas is a trusted brand committed to safety and reliability so you can enjoy your intimate moments worry-free.

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Wild Rose Ribbed Condoms

Wild Rose Ribbed

The Caution Wear Wild Rose Ribbed condom aims to heighten both partners’ pleasures during sex through their solid blocks of ribs that add increased friction and heat.

With a 3.25″ ribbed length starting underneath the head and regular width and length, these condoms will surely provide a unique and stimulating experience. Plus, the condoms also come with a reservoir tip for added safety.

Choose Wild Rose condoms to experience an unforgettable intimacy moment while ensuring you and your partner stay protected.

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Kimono Micro Thin

Kimono Micro Thin Ribbed

These Micro-thin condoms are designed with “Sensi-Dots” – tiny texture dots and ribs that offer you and your partner more sensation.

Specifically, the Kimono’s MicroThin Ribbed condom has hundreds of these Sensi-Dots and dozens of ribs that increase friction to deliver more stimulation to her.

So don’t miss out on the fun; feel the body heat with Kimono ultra-thin ribbed condoms.

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LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed

LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed

Experience heightened pleasure and intimacy with your partner by trying the unique LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed condom.

The deep ribs on each condom will stimulate both of you, providing a shared sensation that will leave you thrilled.

So indulge in the Ultra Ribbed pack today and keep coming back for more satisfying experiences.

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Rough Rider Studded Textured Condoms

Rough Rider Studded

The Rough Rider condom is an all-time favorite among many condom users and an excellent choice for those looking for a textured option.

Rough Rider guarantees enhanced traction with every use with its classical straight wall structure, lubricated reservoir tip, and hundreds of raised studs throughout the shaft.

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Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Experience ultimate pleasure with TROJAN Ultra Ribbed Condoms. This condom is designed with deep ribs to add stimulation and satisfaction.

Also, these condoms feature deep ribbing at the base and the end for an enhanced effect on you and your partner. Finally, to ensure maximum comfort and sensitivity, this condom includes a silky smooth lubricant.

Enjoy an original, pleasurable experience with TROJAN Ultra Ribbed Condoms.

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Trustex Ribbed Studded Condoms

Trustex Ribbed and Studded

Trustex Ribbed & Studded condoms will elevate the excitement for both you and your partner with their unique ribs and studs. Plus, the added texture heightens the sensation during sex providing increased pleasure throughout.

These condoms also come lubricated, adding to the comfort, and will surely make your intimate moments even more thrilling.

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Wink Studded Textured Condoms

Wink Studded

Discover the heightened pleasure of intimate moments with WINK Studded Premium Latex Condoms. These uniquely designed condoms comfortably stretch and conform to any shape.

Also, they feature dozens of raised rubber studs placed perfectly for increased sensitivity and intimacy. Plus, these condoms are lubricated with a smooth silicone lubricant, which offers a natural glide and feel.

With WINK Studded Texture latex lubricated condoms, both partners can enjoy a closer connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a ribbed textured condom?

A textured ribbed condom is a type of condom with a raised, rib-like pattern on the outside surface designed to increase sexual pleasure and sensation during intercourse.

Does using a ribbed textured condom enhance pleasure?

Yes! The ridges on these ribbed condoms help create more friction between partners, increasing pleasure and sensation.

Are ribbed condoms more expensive than regular condoms?

No, ribbed condoms are not necessarily more expensive than regular condoms; some brands offer both types at the same price.

What other types of textures are available for condoms?

In addition to textured ribbed condoms, there are also ultra-thin or “ultra” condoms, which provide a very thin layer of protection, as well as dotted and studded varieties which feature different textures that can enhance pleasure and sensation during sex.