ID Lubricants

ID Lubricants put you in control by reducing friction, eliminating dryness, and adding stimulation for both you and your partner.

All ID lubricants are formulated with quality and safety in mind to provide superior performance and complete satisfaction with every use.

ID lubricants come in a variety of styles to meet almost everyone’s needs. So, whether you’re looking for something fast-acting or longer lasting, ID has the perfect solution. In addition, all ID lube products are water-based, non-staining, and easy to clean up, so your experience will always be worry-free.

They offer the right lubricant for any situation and prioritize customer safety by using only the finest quality ingredients available in each formula and clinically test each product to ensure each user gets the best results possible.

Popular Types of ID Lubricant

ID Lubricant offers a wide selection of personal lubes for all users. Here is a selection to consider tying.

ID 3some Lubricant

ID 3some

ID 3some is available in four (4) mouthwatering sugar-free fruit flavors that taste just like the real thing. Great for giving each other a sensual massage as the gentle caress will trigger a delightful warming sensation.

Also, ID Lube is a water-based lube free from parabens, sulfates, glycerin, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or dyes – suitable for sensitive skin.

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ID Backslide Lube

ID Backslide

ID’s BackSlide formula is an innovative creation with a unique purpose. After years of careful development, the special blend of silicone-based ingredients was crafted to enhance anal experiences by providing comfort and pleasure other lubes can’t provide.

Alongside a muscle-relaxing effect, the formula includes clove and Acmella Oleracea extract, making ID BackSlide truly unique.

Its non-staining, odorless, pH-balanced formula provides superior comfort, making those adventurous moments safe and much more pleasurable!

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ID Free Lubricant

ID Free

ID Free is specially crafted without harmful ingredients such as Glycerin, Parabens, Benzoic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Petrochemicals, and Alcohol, making it ideal for use on sensitive skin.

With its hypoallergenic formula, this premium formula contains high-quality ingredients that provide a long-lasting slip and natural feel.

Cleaning is easy since it rinses off effortlessly with just water, without leaving a trace. In addition, it is safe to use with silicone and rubber toys, including natural rubber latex.

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ID Frutopia Lubricant

ID Frutopia

ID Frutopia is a premium personal lubricant designed to make intimate experiences pleasurable for both partners. With its water-based formula, you will find only the finest natural ingredients, providing superior performance.

For condom use, ID Frutopia is latex compatible, reducing the chance of latex condom breakage.

Frutopia has a pleasant scent and washes away easily with warm water without leaving any greasy residue behind.

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ID Glide Lubricant

ID Glide

ID Glide is a premium water-based lubricant that delivers incomparable slip, perfect for intimate moments between partners. With its supreme sensual experiences, users have discovered their moments of bliss alone or with their lovers, all while reducing unwanted stress.

Additionally, its suitability for sex toy use amplifies the sensation, making each encounter more pleasurable. If you’re looking for the perfect water-based personal lubricant, consider Glide as your go-to option for an authentic experience.

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ID Lubricants - Millennium

ID Millennium

Find the ultra-long-lasting lubrication you desire with ID Millennium lubricant! ID The Millennium formula is a light and smooth silicone-based lube that requires only a few drops to provide complete lubrication.

Unlike other lubricants that often leave a sticky residue, Millennium leaves you feeling fully satisfied with zero residues. So add this lubricant to your pleasure toolkit and enjoy your intimate moments to the fullest extent!

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ID Pleasure Lube

ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure has features similar to the Glide variety but offers additional benefits, such as invigorating and stimulating menthol tingling sensation and natural extracts infused with red clover and ginkgo.

This water-based formula is not only safe for use with condoms and adult toys but also can be easily cleaned due to its non-greasy texture. Add excitement to your sensual life by trying this unique formula alone or with a partner.

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ID Lubricants - Sensation Warming Lube

ID Sensation

Experience heightened intimacy with ID Sensation, the new water-based warming lubricant formulated to turn up the heat during your most intimate moments.

The warming sensations will create a new level of stimulation for you and your partner.

Also, if toys are involved, ID Sensation being a water-based lubricant, makes them safe to use with most sex toys made of latex.

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Silk - ID Lubricants

ID Silk

ID Silk delivers unbeatable performance as a hybrid-based lubricant boasting both a water-based lube’s ease of use with a silicone-based lubes smooth, slippery consistency. In addition, its unique formula provides a natural, non-tacky feel that enhances intimacy between you and your partner.

With its long-lasting qualities, ID Silk seamlessly blends the best qualities of water-based and silicone-based products. Although, while ID says it’s latex compatible, you’ll want to spot test this with any silicone toys before using.

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ID Velvet Lube

ID Velvet

ID Velvet Body Glide is a delightfully luxurious lubricant designed and formulated in Germany. Their premium formula is specially engineered for long-lasting performance while being gentle on the skin and free from any fragrances.

ID Velvet is naturally moisturizing and conditioning, too. You’ll love the skin-like feeling of this velvet-smooth lubricant.

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ID Xtreme Lube

ID Xtreme

ID Xtreme Personal Lubricant is an exceptional, high-quality product. This lube is specifically crafted to meet the needs of highly active and aggressive partners.

This long-lasting product is expertly formulated to reduce friction for prolonged intimate sessions. This special formula is the perfect choice for those that just keep going and going all night long!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can ID Personal Lubricants be used with condoms?

Yes, ID Lubricants are condom-compatible and safe for use with both latex and polyisoprene condoms. In addition, this quality product will help reduce the risk of condom breakage and increase overall pleasure.

Are ID Personal Lubricants suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, ID Lubricants offer options for people with sensitive skin. This quality product has a range of formulas, including hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options, specifically designed for those with sensitivities. However, it’s always recommended to perform a patch test on each other before use.

How do I choose the right ID Personal Lubricant for me?

Choosing which type to choose from the many ID Lubricants will depend on personal preference and needs. Consider factors such as the desired consistency (water-based, silicone-based, or hybrid), allergies or sensitivities, and the intended use (vaginal, anal, or oral). Reading product descriptions and consulting a healthcare professional with any concerns is helpful.