Large Condoms

Are you looking for a large condom but not sure where to start? Nowadays, there is a wide variety of popular brands offering large size condoms. Here, we’ll discuss the basics of regarding condom size and list some of the most popular varieties available today from trusted brands. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about using a large condom so you can make an informed decision when selecting one.

Condoms are typically considered larger when their width measurement exceeds 2 inches (53mm) or more over regular size condoms.

Also, a large condom is often categorized as Extra Large, Extra-Wide, Grande, King Size, Magnum, and XL varieties. They’re also made of different materials, such as latex, polyurethane, or lambskin. Depending on the brand, a large condom size may also include added features such as ribbed, raised dots, or even extra lubricant.

Yet regardless of the size, style, latex or non-latex, condoms are a common option for birth control and STI prevention.

Popular Varieties of Large Condoms

Most all condom manufacturers offer larger-size condoms. Here are some of the more popular types from several trusted brands based on reviews.

Atlas Extra Large

Altas Extra Large Condoms

For those requiring larger condoms, Atlas offers their “Extra Large” Condom. The Atlas Extra Large Condom is 20% longer and 15% wider than a standard condom. In addition, they’re made of latex and tested to be strong and more reliable than your standard condom.

Unlike other condoms, the “Extra-Large” by Atlas does not contain synthetic materials or nonoxynol-9, making it friendly for condom users with sensitive skin.

These large-fitting condoms provide extra room around the penis where needed most while molding perfectly around its shape, ensuring a snug fit for enjoyable, safe sex with your partner.

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Caution Wear Grande

Caution Wear Grande

Caution Wear Grande provide exceptional comfort and reliability for guys who need a larger-fitting condom. Made with premium latex for durability and maximum protection, they also offer extra lubrication for increased comfort and pleasure.

Also, these condoms come in cool designs and multiple packs, providing excellent value at a fantastic price.

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Durex XXL Condoms

Durex XXL Condoms

You deserve the best protection and comfort when it comes to your sexual health. That’s why Durex XXL are designed just for you!

If you’re a larger-sized man, these condoms are the ideal choice. They provide a snug fit that won’t slip, so you know you’re safe. Plus, the special lubricant helps increase sensitivity for both partners during use.

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Glyde Maxi Large

Glyde Maxi Large Condoms

Glyde Maxi Large are specifically designed for larger-sized men and have an extra roomy fit for comfort and protection. In addition, they are vegan-certified, free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, parabens, and spermicides, and minimize slippage and leakage.

Also, they come in a variety of lengths and widths for a perfect customized fit while being super thin for maximum sensation and pleasure.

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LifeStyles Mega Rider

LifeStyles Mega Rider Condoms

LifeStyles Mega Rider offer a comfortable and secure fit for larger men. Their advanced latex technology increases sensitivity and strength, and the unique design stretches wider for optimal protection.

Also, this condom is ultra-thin and electronically tested for reliability and safety with added lubrication. Experience safer and more pleasurable sex with LifeStyles Mega Rider Condoms.

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Kinomo MAXX

Kimono MAXX Condoms

Kimono Maxx are for larger-sized men offering an extra inch of length and width compared to regular condoms. They provide a comfortable, secure fit that’s long on protection and pleasure.

Also, they are made of premium latex material, have a non-irritating lubricant, and are hassle-free and super silky smooth for both partners’ enhanced pleasure.

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Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum

Magnum Condoms are larger-sized to provide added comfort, protection, and confidence for men who need extra room.

Along with a reservoir tip their unique deep ribs located at the base provide added comfort, making it easier and more comfortable to keep on and then remove after sex.

The easy-on shape fits securely and stays in place without sacrificing pleasure. These condoms are made of a thin yet durable latex material, and the silicone lubrication makes them extra smooth.

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Wink Super X-Large Condoms

Wink Super X-Large

The Wink Super X-Large Condoms provide extra protection, size, and security for larger-sized men.

The easy-to-handle design and specially formulated material keep the condom secure during intercourse, minimizing the risk of slipping or tearing.

Also, the semi-transparent latex material makes them less obtrusive during sex. The unique lubrication formula keeps the skin hydrated and comfortable, ensuring maximum pleasure.

Lastly, the water-based lubricant is also free from parabens and harsh chemicals, all while providing maximum safety, comfort, and pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are large-size condoms comfortable?

Yes! Most condom users find that larger-sized condoms are more comfortable to wear and provide a better fit for larger-sized men than regular sized condoms. They also help reduce slippage and make sex more enjoyable.

How do I know what condom size to buy?

Most brands provide a sizing chart that you can use to determine which size will work best for you.

Are large-size condoms more expensive than regular ones?

Generally, no. Larger-sized condoms, while larger, are still manufactured the same as regular size condoms. However, specialty features like flavors or textures can cost a bit more.