Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set


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Discover Endless Pleasure

Indulge in a world of thrilling sensations with the Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set. This exquisite set will unlock a realm of pleasure, offering a truly satisfying experience for both beginners and seasoned adventurers alike. Immerse yourself in a pleasure journey as you explore the art of anal play with these luxurious and smooth vibrating anal beads.

Experience progressive pleasure

Each bead gradually increases in size, allowing you to tailor your experience and gradually intensify your pleasure.

Premium silicone material

Crafted from body-safe, silky-smooth silicone, this set ensures maximum comfort and safety during your intimate moments.

Discreet and powerful vibrations

The vibrations from the removable bullet add an extra layer of stimulation, elevating your pleasure to new heights.

Easy-to-use design

The flexible retrieval loop ensures effortless removal, putting you at ease to focus solely on the sensation.

Perfect for couples or solo play

Whether you’re exploring with a partner or indulging in solo play, these vibrating anal beads will take your pleasure to the next level.

Embrace Sensational Comfort

Experience intimate comfort with the Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set. Designed with your pleasure in mind, this set provides a sensory experience like no other, allowing you to bask in the realm of relaxation and pure bliss.

Ergonomic design

The tapered beads and flexible shaft make insertion easy and smooth, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Versatile pleasure

Customize your adventure by exploring different bead combinations, letting you curate a journey that suits your unique desires.


The premium silicone material warms quickly to your body temperature, enhancing comfort and intimacy.

Waterproof design

Take your pleasure beyond the bedroom and into the wettest dreams with the fully waterproof design, opening up a world of possibilities.

Clean and hygienic

Easily clean the beads with warm soapy water or a toy cleaner, ensuring they are ready for your next pleasure-filled adventure.

Elevate Your Intimacy

Ignite the flames of passion and deepen your intimacy with the Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set. This captivating set is about pleasure and strengthening the connection with your partner as you explore new dimensions of desire together.

Intensify foreplay

Incorporate these anal beads into your foreplay routine to build anticipation and arousal, setting the stage for a passionate encounter.

Strengthen trust and communication

By exploring new experiences together, you and your partner can strengthen trust and deepen your emotional bond.

Heighten orgasms

The thrilling combination of anal play and vibrations can lead to more intense and mind-blowing orgasms, leaving you both craving more.

Break free from taboos

Embrace your desires and overcome societal taboos, creating a safe space for exploration and open conversations about pleasure.

Elevate your erotic collection

As you expand your horizons with this vibrating anal beads set, you’ll discover new ways to pleasure each other, enriching your sexual relationship.

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