They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set (5 Piece)


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Small to Large – They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set (5 Piece)

Are you curious about exploring the exciting world of anal play, but unsure where to start? Look no further than They-ology’s premium anal training set. This meticulously crafted set of wearable anal probes is specifically designed for beginners, offering a gradual progression in size to accommodate your comfort level and exploration journey.

Made from luxurious smooth silicone, each plug in the set features a sleek straight shape and a flared base for easy and safe use. With an insertable length ranging from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches, and a girth varying from 1.7 inches to 3.75 inches, you have the freedom to choose the perfect fit for your desires.

By consistently incorporating these carefully designed anal probes into your playtime routine, you can gradually increase your comfort and pleasure, unlocking new sensations at your own pace. Plug 1, measuring 2.5 inches in insertable length and 1.7 inches in girth, is ideal for those starting their anal exploration. As you progress, you can move on to Plug 2, Plug 3, Plug 4, and finally Plug 5, each offering a slightly longer insertable length and a progressively wider girth.

To ensure the most pleasurable and comfortable experience, remember to use a generous amount of high-quality water-based anal lubricant. This will enhance the sensations and provide the necessary glide for smooth and enjoyable play.

With They-ology’s anal training set, you can confidently embark on your anal play journey, discovering new levels of pleasure and intimacy. So, embrace curiosity, indulge in exploration, and let the delights of anal play unfold before you!

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