THRUST Pro Ultra Kelsi Realistic Vagina Cup


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Add a Bullet Vibe to the Base – THRUST Pro Ultra Kelsi Realistic Vagina Cup

Introducing Kelsi, our revolutionary ultra-realistic masturbator designed to elevate your solo sessions to new heights of pleasure. Experience unparalleled authenticity as you delve into the textured internal canal of Kelsi, crafted with precision to mimic the sensations of intimate encounters. Its super soft skin-like material adds an extra dimension of realism, making every touch and stroke feel incredibly lifelike.

But Kelsi isn’t just about pleasure; it’s designed with convenience in mind too. With its easy-to-clean design, you can focus on indulging in your desires without any worries. Made from the most lifelike material available, Kelsi embraces you with a sensation that rivals the real thing. Its 6-inch internal canal caters to a wide range of penis sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. Plus, you have the power to customize your climaxes by adjusting the suction strength to your liking.

For those seeking an even more intense experience, Kelsi offers the option to enhance your pleasure with a bullet vibrator inserted into the base. Imagine the heightened sensations and mind-blowing orgasms that await you as you combine the power of Kelsi’s textured canal with the thrilling vibrations of the bullet vibrator.

To ensure your pleasure is maximized, don’t forget to use water-based lube with Kelsi. This will enhance the sensations, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ultimate pleasure experience.

Upgrade your solo play to a whole new level with Kelsi, the ultimate pleasure companion that leaves no desire unfulfilled. Indulge in the intricacies of its design, embrace the realism, and let yourself be captivated by the sheer pleasure that awaits you.

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